This is a collection of logo designs I have made over the years. The logo project started off in the summer of grade 10 while I was still playing the video game Timy Tower. In it you build a tower, filling it with floors of shops, restaurants, services and other locations. After having a few good ideas for some logos for some stores I set to work. I never finished all the logos for the tower but I made a few good ones. Now I design logos when I'm bored or suddenly get a wave of inspiration. Over time I have made a decent collection of different types of logos.

7th Heaven Beauty

Abacus School Supplies


Amulet Compasses

Argon Security

DIY Direct

Don't Pause Rental

Evermoor Insurance

Holy Cow


Klix Computer Software

Mucho Eato Mexican Food

Thursday Night Dart League

Tower Animations

Tip-Top Trims