Duka is a small derro community of about 300 individuals located high in the Underdark. It is built around an abandoned drow outpost, where a bridge crosses the Vineer River. The river is the longest one of many in the area. It is feed fed from the water that percolates down from the Hool Marshes. The water has carved a deep crevasse over which spans the bridge. The drow carved three caves into the chamber walls, a captain's quarters, a guard barracks and a jail cell. The doors, furnishings and bars are gone, but the derro have made it work. The community has been in this location for close to a decade, only coming in contact with the rare travellers waking the long-disused road running through town.
I drew this for a small quest in my home D&D game. Hand-drawn, edited and coloured in GIMP.